Memo I: New Beginnings at Oneiron Biomedical

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Memo I: New Beginnings at Oneiron Biomedical

Post by Admin on Wed Feb 10, 2016 1:23 pm

You one day come home from work to find that you have received a letter from Wilton, Connecticut; the sender is a company you have not heard of before. A company by the name of Oneiron Biomedical Technologies has sent you a job offer. The letter states that the company saw your resume on various websites such as Linkedin, Fairfield County Jobs, and other recruiting sources, and had an open position for exactly for someone with your degree, your interests, and your passions. The letter goes on to say that if you were to join the firm, you would receive an ample salary for joining the firm, as well as full benefits in the form of healthcare coverage, a retirement package, and a few other plush bonuses. In addition, you would receive a discount to the nearby Avalon apartments in Wilton, as well as the Cubesmart Storage units across the road from the company’s job site at 88 Danbury Road in Wilton.

Seeming slightly dubious to you, you check in on this “Oneiron Biomedical” to find that it is a small part of Pfizer and represents part of the Dow Jones Industrial Average. Every source you can find on the company speaks highly of its corporate gains, its business transactions, and its successes in business; despite this searching you find little to justify these wondrous gains, and the sites you looked at were vague, to say the least. You could find little about the CEO and other corporate officers either. Despite an obfuscated company profile, the benefits and pay seem worth it…

What do you do?


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