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General Posting Rules

Post by Admin on Fri Sep 25, 2015 8:20 am

The Temenos Project is meant to be a fun, interactive experience for all involved, a way to explore the places of Fairfield County through Supernatural Horror and Weird Tales. However, there are a few basic ground rules that need to be covered while here at the Forum:

1) Limit your posts on major threads to one post until all other players have responded. In addition, the Storyteller should have time to respond to the posts and react accordingly. Feel free to go wild on private conversations, as these do not usually interfere with the plot of the Story.

2) if you are going to make a decision that negatively impacts another player character (I.E. Killing/crippling/hurting them, harming their Merits, or anything else that would severely impact them) PLEASE contact them first, and let the Storyteller know both parties agree to the decision. These decisions will still be subject to Storyteller approval, as they must advance the plot or develop characters, NOT ruin a good time for all people.

3) All breaks in the rules will be subject to a "three strikes" policy, and any actions that are harmful to other players without permission will be redacted. After three strikes, the offending player will be banned from the Forum (Fired!).


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